kol germe ameliyatı

Arm Thining

It is a method applied especially in patients with local fat accumulation in the arm region.

Who are candidates?

Patients who have no excessive sagging in the arm region and only have moderate to moderate build-up and good elasticity of the skin are the ideal candidates for this procedure.


It is a procedure that takes about 1 hour under general anesthesia. Ultrasonic, laser-assisted or conventional liposuction procedure. After the procedure, the patient is dressed with a special arm corset.


Patients are discharged on the same day. 4-6 weeks is recommended to wear a special arm corset. After 1 month, he may return to severe activities.

What are the risks?

Temporary edema formation in the arm and the use of thick cannulas and very superficial work may cause undulations on the skin.

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