Most of the time, the development of age, both the upper and lower eyelids deformations and sagging occurs. Rarely, with your genetic structure, there may be excess skin in the upper eyelids at a younger age.

Over time, the upper eyelids, skin excess and blistering become apparent. This shows that the eyes are more tired and collapsed. The aesthetics of the upper eyelid are intended to create a more striking and youthful expression.

göz kapağı ameliyatı

Eyelid Preoperative

Adetailed medical history of the patient is obtained. Other systemic diseases, if any, are evaluated. Eyelids, eyebrow condition and eye area should be evaluated as a whole and combined treatments are explained to patients. Photographs and drawings are made.

Eyelid Surgery

It is a procedure that takes 45 minutes – 1 hour under local or general anesthesia. The incisions are concealed at a distance of 1 cm from the patient’s eyelash edge and the eyelid fold, which is not apparent when the eyes are open a few months after surgery. Only when the eye is closed remains a faint line. After surgery, dressing with a special tape is applied only to the exact location. Eyes are not closed. The patient is discharged on the same day if performed under local anesthesia and the next day if performed under general anesthesia.

Eyelid After Surgery

Swelling and bruising may last for 3-4 days. It is recommended that patients apply cold ice during this time and keep the head in an upright position. Stitches are taken on days 5 to 7. Patients can return to work after 3-4 days. Heavy activities can begin within 1 month.

Eyelid Postoperative Scars

The incisions in the surgery are located in the immediate vicinity of the eyelash edge, which is not noticed when the upper eyelid is open. The lower eyelid aesthetics are placed immediately under the eyelash edge and will become vague over time.

What are the risks of eyelid surgery?

It is usually a cosmetic surgery with good patient satisfaction. Bleeding, marked scarring and symmetry difference between the two valves are rare risks. For a few days after surgery, there may be a temporary sensation of watery and burning or stinging in the eyes. It will regress with tropical measures prescribed by the doctor.

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