Breast Lift

The progression of age, giving birth, weight gain and the effect of gravity lose the elasticity of the breast skin, downward sagging of the breast tissue occurs, natural folds of the breast tissue disappear. Breast lift surgery is aimed to recover the sagging breast tissue. If the person’s breast tissue is sufficient, the sagging breast tissue is carried up, the skin is tautly adapted to the new breast, and the excess skin is removed and the nipples are taken to the higher position. If the breast tissue of the person is not sufficient and it is necessary to enlarge it, silicone prosthesis should be placed.


It is a surgical procedure that takes 2-2.5 hours under general anesthesia. If there is minimal sagging in the breast, the breast can be recovered by placing a silicone prosthesis. If sagging is more pronounced, there are surgical techniques in which the skin is removed circumferentially from the nipple. But in the long term there are handicaps such as
enlargement of the scar tissue around the nipple. Depending on the condition of further sagging, a lollipop-shaped or inverse T-shaped track may be recovered around the nipple and perpendicular to the lower curvature of the breast.

Postoperative Scars

As mentioned above, according to the current situation of the patient, different types of surgical scars remain as a result of adhesive surgery.


It is recommended to stay in hospital for one night after surgery. A drain is placed during surgery to prevent blood accumulation at the surgical site. These drains are 1-2. is withdrawn per day. A special bra is used for 1 month after the operation. It takes 6-9 months for the breast to take its final shape.

Breastfeeding After Breast Lift Surgery

Although this situation varies according to the degree of the patient’s sagging and the technique used, it is aimed to protect the milk channels and milk glands at the maximum level in the operation.

Surgical Risks

Partial or complete loss of the nipple, temporary or permanent reduction or loss of sensation of the nipple, small separations and inflammations in the suture lines, fat necrosis, asymmetrical and suture marks can be counted as swelling.

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