Dimple Creation Surgery

Although the demand for all aesthetic procedures has increased in recent years, new demands and new processes are emerging. Dimple aesthetics is one of them. The presence of dimples on the cheeks adds to the expressions of both men and women in a more pleasant way. Dimple aesthetic surgery can be performed unilaterally or double sided.


The place where he wants the dimples together with the physician is determined by confirming with some medical measurements. It is performed through the mouth without making any incision in the skin under local anesthesia. Dimple aesthetics is defined as dimpleplasty in medicine and is a very short procedure performed under local anesthesia. Oral antibiotics should be used for 5 days after the procedure and oral hygiene should be taken with prescribed mouthwash. There are no stitches since melt stitches are used. While it is evident even in the early period without making any facial expressions, it will become a dimple which occurs only after laughing in 2-3 weeks. Another feature of dimple aesthetics is that if the patient gives up afterwards, it can be restored with a small operation similar to dimple aesthetics. The results of dimple surgery on the cheek are permanent and there are no scars on the skin since it is done through the mouth. Patients can return to work the next day.

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