Eye Bruises

Bruising under the eyes is a common health problem in society today. The thin skin of the eyelids makes this problem more pronounced. If there are wrinkles and bagging around the eyes, under-eye bruising will make the person look more tired, sad and old.

How are bruises?

Firstly, the anatomically thin skin of the valve, the absence of subcutaneous adipose tissue and the thin layer of the muscle layer in that region, the red color of the blood vessels in the lower layers causes the color to appear blue-purple by means of light, which is the underlying pathology of under-eye darkening.

What are the causes of under-eye bruising?

Chronic diseases such as chronic renal failure, insomnia, alcohol and cigarette consumption, unhealthy diet, pregnancy, less water and excessive tea coffee consumption, eyelid relaxation, allergies, nasal congestion, thyroid disorders can be mentioned. Here it is useful to put hereditary under-eye bruise aside. Because if there is bruising under the eye from the family, treatment of this will be longer and more difficult.

Treatment methods of Eye bruises

Laser Applications

Fractional laser is generally used in this method. 2-3 sessions of laser are applied at 1 month intervals. The laser will help to remove the bruise and rejuvenate the skin in that area.

PRP and Mesotherapy Applications

Both applications are applied in the form of an average of 4-5 sessions and can be applied to both the upper and lower lids. It is completely painless and painless, and PRP makes a difference especially as it is a natural method. Recently, however, the latest technology mesotherapy products have not only lightened the darkening, but also increased the permanence of the treatment significantly with its rich content that prevents its re-formation.

Under Eye Light Filler

This filler contains not only hyaluronic acid but also a pigment-opening ingredient. Advantages include administration within a few minutes of application of local anesthetic cream and, in addition to darkening, filling the pits under the eye. 2 It is applied in 2 sessions at intervals of weeks.

Fat Injection

Fat tissue in the patient itself is taken under local anesthesia and processed through a series of procedures to enrich the stem cells and is given to areas where darkening and collapse occur. The advantages of this process is that it is more permanent and more successful than an organic method.


If the patient has severe sagging, loosening and bagging of the eyelids, they can be corrected by a surgical procedure and the problem can be corrected by rearranging the fat tissue in that area.

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