What is breast enlargement (Gynecomastia) in men?

It is defined as excessive breast development in men due to increase in benign mammary gland tissue. In three periods of life; neonates, adolescents and advanced age is seen as natural physiological. It can be permanent and requires treatment in patients who occur or do not regress during these periods.

What Causes breast enlargement in men?

The most common cause is idiopathic conditions. However, hormonal disorders, liver or thyroid diseases, a number of measures used can also cause breast growth in men.

Does it cause eating habits and some foods?

Particularly fast food eating style and carbohydrate intense nutritional habits combined with a lack of daily activity will make the body fat. In men, growth occurs around the waist and breasts. Therefore, paying attention to nutrition and increasing our daily activities are small but effective steps to prevent the development of gynecomastia.

Does sports improve men’s breast growth?

The answer to this question is unfortunately no. Doing sports will help to prevent fat accumulation in pseudo-gynecomast breasts by increasing the metabolic rate and increasing fat burning and increasing muscle mass in the chest area. However, with the exception of professional bodybuilding athletes recently, various supplements taken by athletes to increase muscle mass and physical performance turn into estrogen and cause gynecomastia. If you are determined to use such a product, you should definitely use it with anti-estrogen preparations under the supervision of a professional.

How is breast growth diagnosed in men?

Patients present with complaints of enlargement or swelling in one or both breasts. Other than that, in fact most patients; they cannot swim in the sea, pool or wear tight clothes. In addition, this situation may cause embarrassment, shy feeling and socialization problems.

Detailed examination can be done with laboratory tests and imaging tests if deemed necessary in patients presenting with gynecomastia

Breast growth treatment in men

Depending on the patient’s condition, if only liposuction is to be treated, surgery will be performed through a 2 mm hole. However, if the breast tissue needs to be removed, then the incision will be performed by making an incision from the normal skin border with the dark colored part of the nipple. Over time, this incision will become vague.

New methods in the treatment of breast growth in men

Laser liposuction and Vaserliposuction (Ultrasonic liposuciton) are the newest methods in surgical treatment of gynecomastia. With laser liposuction, laser energy destroys fat cells by irreversibly breaking down. However, the gland (mammary gland) tissue, which is not very advanced, may also disintegrate to some extent. In addition, the laser is used to tighten the hollow breast skin. In Vaser liposuciton, while only fat cells are targeted and burst by ultrasonic sound waves, nerve and blood vessels are protected and thus healing will be more comfortable. The main advantages of both methods are less pain, bruise and swelling compared to classical liposuciton, and the patient will be able to return to social life earlier in 2-3 days.

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