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What is Filler?

It can be described as the most preferred filler among aesthetic interventions. Everything you wonder about filling is given below.

First of all, the answer to the question What is a filler? Filling is an operation that takes place in medical aesthetic applications and is performed for the purpose of wrinkle filling, face shaping.

Why filler is performed?

Why is filler needed? The effect of time and environmental conditions is called sagging of the skin as a result of the loss of fluid in the skin tissue of the person. You should be aware that with the progression of age, the fluids that keep the skin tissue intact decrease. As a result of sagging occurs, aesthetic operations are needed.

If you want your skin to regain its old appearance with an easy and short time, the intervention will be filling. Your skin is intervened at certain points and your skin is made to look vigorous and alive.

Materials Used in Processing

The materials used for the process can be changed. The material used is important to ensure a permanent operation as possible. You may want to get information about which material to fill.
Permanent synthetic materials
Fat and tissue injections
Temporary Items
It can be realized through the above mentioned items. Filling is possible in 3 different ways. After your doctor’s examination, you will be informed about what kind of intervention is needed. As a result of your researches within the scope of İzmir filling, you can directly get information about the filling materials and the operation to be performed.
First of all, we can say that the materials used in the process date start as synthetic and semi-synthetic. Subsequently, the use of different substances in order to reduce the side effects to the body by filling the result has emerged. It was concluded that it would be very advantageous to remove the substance used from the body, since it was found to be important to prefer substances which are fully compatible with the body.

Which Areas?

These applications can be done in different regions. If you contact the best doctor, you will get detailed information. Within the scope of the information you have obtained, the procedure will be realized with the intervention of the doctor in a short time.

Temple area

In general, the first places that begin to wrinkle as a result of old age is the temple area. There is a filling intervention in this area. After the examination of your doctor, it will be decided how to intervene and aesthetic operation should be performed.

Cheek region

The cheekbones can be made in the region. It is a very advantageous procedure in terms of clarifying your cheekbones. Facial contours are much more pronounced after filling. After the necessary intervention within the scope of aesthetic operations, your face will be able to look as you want.

Nose region

It is possible to apply the filling process especially for the tip of the nose. If you wish, you can have your nose intervened by your doctor for filling. With the intervention, your doctor will be able to get the look you want on your nose.

Jaw tip

There is also a jaw tip between the areas that can be filled. Most of the time, the appearance of weakness, to make the cheeks look more vertical application can be done. You can contact your doctor for the area you want to be treated.

Nasolabial groove

Said region is the region between the person’s nose wings and the mouth corners. This region can also cause sagging with aging. In order to prevent this, it is possible to perform the filling process and to create the desired appearance.

You can request information directly from Izmir filling centers within the scope of the information given above. The choice is yours.

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