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Eyebrow Lift and Forehead Lift

Eyebrow lifting is an operation to correct the decrease especially on the outer edge of the eyebrow. A person’s low eyebrow gives both a tired expression and narrows the field of view. With this surgery, a younger and more dynamic expression can be gained.

What are the methods used?

Eyebrow vine with rope
Upper eyelid aesthetics
Endoscopic eyebrow removal
Open technique

Surgery Planning

If the person’s eyebrow position and the degree of low forehead wrinkles are evaluated with a detailed examination. Preoperative asymmetries in the eyebrow are reported. After the operation, possible eyebrow position is lifted by hand and demo is performed. Preoperative drawings and photographs are made.


It is a procedure performed by scalp in endoscopic procedures (with the help of camera), lasting 1-1.5 hours under general anesthesia, and by the upper eyelid fold in those made by eyebrow lifts in the upper eyelid. At the end of the operation, dressing and dressing is performed. It is a surgical intervention with a hospital stay of one night.


The patient can eat 6 hours after surgery. There may be slight swelling and bruising on the face. It will diminish in 4-5 days. After 2-3 days, bandages and bandages are removed and the patient can take a bath.

What are the risks?

Very rarely, side effects may develop. These may be numbness and numbness in the forehead area, or difficulty in lifting the eyebrow.

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